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10/7: To: Galaxy S Marketing Department

I love the casting direction you took with your latest rip on the iPhone 5, from the people who blab nonsense in line to the bumbling parents in the "app" line. The character types were spot on, a perfect representation of the douchiest of the fanboy crowd. But if you're entire premise of why the GalaxyS is better than the iPhone is because you can sync music lists with other people by touching phones, welcome to the internet and maybe you shouldn't limit its radius to inches. Seriously, there are a lot of valid points to use when ripping on Apple, but syncing a list of songs between two people, or even images for that matter, is already done via most socially aware sites like, facebook, and um, oh yeah - [iTunes] Granted, touching phones is simpler, but your advantage point is one free app or one free OS update away, and that's just sad.

10/2: Hey Apple, let's talk over on camera three...

Look, I know you're proud of your products and you're pretty open about how proud you are. I get it, heck I even think your iPhone is a great product. But when you act all smug about how my ears are not round and so my headphones shouldn't be round too, and when you smug it up some more and ask why would someone make round head phones that are not "ear shaped" you kinda have to be a little less smug about it when you yourself made round headphones that didn't "fit my ears" for the last decade. In fact you should be really humble about it and express how much of a change it is for you... maybe along with a little apology for making them so "un-ear-shaped" for so long. Ok, that's all for now.

9/1: Where'd all the content go?

I just migrated a bunch of content from this site to my newly configured personal site It too is hosted on NodeWiki, and the theme was written by me in about 2 hours. Not responsive yet, but something a little different from this site. Don't be fooled however the generic layout I'm using is as basic as this platform can get. Future themes will be far more complex in design.

This site will continue to exist, but it will be focused more on node.js and NodeWiki. I'm still in the process of picking a name for the software since NodeWiki as a name sucks. Once I've picked a name I'll migrate this site wholesale. I'm also developing a specific site for Verboten.js These projects will probably be my two main projects for the next couple of years. I'd really like to see them get polished up to production levels.

The only project that might grab some attention from me is a search engine I started a while back. It too is written in node with a headless browser and a bunch of dom analysis tools to analyze a page's content. Being written in node.js gives it great performance benefits and using a web2.0 compliant browser means being able to index complex modern sites. That project is still pretty raw though and one of my 2012 goals is to see the projects I've already started to completion.

8/24: Update...

So I just finished a presentation at the Node.js and Austin JavaScript meetups and despite not knowing what to expect it was still beyond my expectations. I covered both a controversial and somewhat technical topic of Object.prototype extensions. For a former speech and debate nerd, I had a laundry list of critiques about my presentation, but the general message was conveyed and the Q&A was really engaging.

If you arrived here from, sorry about the temporary redirect. That's a really low budget static godaddy server and it was just easier to distribute the information about verboten.js here. It's a temporary fix while I complete work on this nodewiki cms. And I already gave out the marcuspope url so voila here you are.

There are some other ramblings on this site, mostly there from testing out the platform but they're more stream of conciousness than recommended reads. My resume is here too, but I'm not really on the market at the moment.

As promised you can checkout the Verboten.js project over at bitbucket - I haven't pushed any changesets in a while but I'll get on that this week. It's by no means production ready so expect radically breaking changes.

Lastly, our daughter is expected to arrive sometime around October 2nd. As a result my life is really busy in preparation for that and will be extremely busy after she arrives. I don't have any expectations for collaboration on verboten.js but if you are interested or have any questions please send an email to - any address will reach me. My other open source projects can be viewed on the Software page.

Thanks again for the fun opportunity and to Lalit, Jonathan and Evernote for hosting the event.


8/20: Welcome to my Markdown Wiki

After years of frustration with traditional wiki markup, a limited mediawiki system and little ability to extend the wiki for developer convenience I decided to write my own. And this is it. So there you go.

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